LONG TERM LANDLORDS - We can help with quotes for new business but please note that Rent Default cover is not available at this time (this is only relevant to long term policies).  Most insurers have removed this benefit from their Landlord policies, but we still have Landlord insurance options available.

Apartment insurance

Market-beating insurance for long-term letting.

Whether you are a seasoned investor with a portfolio of properties or just starting out in the property market, we can recommend apartment insurance options that will give you the peace of mind you deserve.  

Higher Loss of Rent limits

Loss of Rent Section 1

Up to $18,000

Loss of Rent Section 2

• Death of sole tenant (Any location)

Up to 52 weeks

• Contents Insurance “New for Old”

up to 20 years including floating floors, wall coverings & carpets

• Murder/Suicide/Government Order 

• Prevention of Access following defined peril loss

Up to 104 weeks

• Legal Liability

Up to $20,000,000

Damage cover

Damage that is, or results from:

• Accidental Damage

• Deliberate Damage

• Malicious Damage

• Theft

• Defined Perils including Flood

• Pet Damage

Up to $70,000

• Scorching      

• Periodic Tenancy 

• Lease continuation


• Illegal drug lab clean up

Up to $60,000

• Legal Expenses  

• Contents in the open Air

Up to $10,000

• Replacement of Locks 

• Tax Audit

Up to $1,000

• Representation Costs  

• Removal of goods & storage

Up to $500

Elite cover

Upgrade your standard apartment policy to Elite cover

For Landlords with apartments in Strata Buildings, Contents damage repairs are often subject to lengthy delays due to argument with the Body Corporate regarding whether the claim falls under the Strata or the Owner's insurance. This can mean loss of rent and opportunity while the property is awaiting repair, and causes much frustration for the Property Manager/Landlord.


Elite cover solves this dilemma. 
For $50 extra premium, the insurer undertakes that regardless of which insurance policy is ultimately responsible, the Landlord’s damaged unit will be repaired immediately so his tenancy remains unaffected, and the insurers will sort out responsibility after the event.



 of Australian apartments are in NSW


of Australian apartments are in VIC


of Australian apartments are in QLD

It's not just about apartments...

Do you have a house on the long term rental market?  Make sure you have all the bases covered.  If you need Building & Contents insurance, we can help with a quote that will allow you to choose the covers you want.  Suitable for:

  • Freestanding houses

  • Townhouses

  • Units not under strata

Optional covers available:

  • Accidental Damage

  • Loss of Rent

  • Theft cover

  • Rent default


Building Calculator

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Contents Checklist

Contents Calculator

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