Hospitality Business Insurance

Do you operate a cafe or restaurant? How about a wine bar or an event venue?

We know insurance is the last thing on your mind, but it’s the only thing on ours.

Hospitality Business Insurance

Do you operate a cafe or restaurant? How about a wine bar or an event venue?

We know insurance is the last thing on your mind, but it’s the only thing on ours.

Running a cafe or restaurant is all-consuming.

Not only do you have to manage your staff, wrangle suppliers, and service customers, but you also need to spend time and energy on the admin, marketing, and designing the perfect Insta-worthy dish.

You’re flat out and have more important things to worry about than insurance.


Having worked in the hospitality industry, our brokers understand.

Ceneta Insurance is a team of experienced, no-fuss, down-to-earth brokers who love a coffee and can work around your schedule.

  • Would you like a face-to-face in-between breakfast and lunch service? No problems.
  • Do you prefer a video call when you have that spare 10 minutes before the next shift starts? Absolutely.
  • Or do you prefer to keep it simple, and chat over email or phone? We will provide you with our direct phone numbers.

We will take the time required to review your current insurances, provide a competitive solution for the cover you need, and work around your busy schedule.


We will tailor a business package policy that suits your needs including:

  • Public liability insurance to cover you if a customer slips and falls (and to keep the landlord or council happy).
  • Business property insurance to cover those fridges, furniture and the expensive Italian coffee machine.
  • Business interruption cover to protect you and your family’s income, so you can continue to pay the bills and keep your key staff paid.
  • Equipment breakdown to keep the gadgets that you rely on running.

We will create a customised insurance policy to cover the items you need, so you can save money on the cover you don’t.

Ceneta No Bull Stamp

Reach out for a chat today and peace of mind tomorrow.

Tailor-made insurance

We take the time to learn about your business and tailor an insurance program that’s right for you.

Personal service

We don’t use call centres. When you call, you will be able to speak with one of our friendly brokers.

We’ve got muscle!

With the backing of PSC Network, we have access to market-leading insurance products for your every need.

Pay by the month

Want to pay in instalments? We can arrange premium funding through our funding providers (charges apply).

Want to switch brokers?
It's easier than you think.

If you're unhappy with your current broker you can switch without fuss. Transfer your existing policies to us for a refreshing approach to insurance. Ask us how.

“We have been using Ceneta for years. We are so grateful for their dedication and support of our businesses and our needs. Wonderful people and great to deal with. Highly recommend.”

-Tim Arnold, Free Agency


Why use a broker?

Using a broker means you’ll have expert advice on hand to help find solutions to your specific insurance needs, including the most difficult of business risks.

Insurance cover can be complex, and it changes. Working with a broker means you’re getting expert advice about the type of insurance you need to best manage your risks and protect your assets.

Your insurance broker will work with you to identify the key insurance risks that you or your business face. In the event of a claim, your Broker is your best friend. They will manage your claim and liaise with the insurer to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why haven’t I heard of the insurer that you have recommended?

There are 2 types of insurers in the world:

  • Direct-to-market insurers – are the household name insurers that you see advertising every day. They sell their products directly to consumers. You can buy your insurance directly from them, often online. They typically deal in retail products like Home, Motor Vehicle, and Travel insurance.
  • Intermediated insurers – These insurers will only sell their products through licenced insurance brokers, often because the products are of a more complex nature and require professional advice. For instance, for businesses requiring Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Industrial Special Risk, and other business covers.
Can I pay by the month at no extra cost?

That depends on the insurer. Some offer instalment payments at no extra cost, and others don’t. We will always present you with the best value quote, and that may not be from the insurer that offers free monthly instalment payments. We do have an alternative solution: You can pay by the month via a third party premium funding facility, but charges apply. We can advise you when the time comes.

Who do I call if I want to lodge a claim?

Call your broker first!

They can guide you through the next steps in order to get your claim lodged and get you sorted.

It’s part of our service to advocate on your behalf with your insurer. Many insurers will not deal directly with policy-holders, so all communication needs to be via your Broker.

Need a quote? Tell us your story.