Associations & clubs 

Growing membership through insurance

Do you run an Association or Club?  It may be a not-for-profit community group, charitable organisation, sporting club, or a professional industry association.  No matter what that special interest is, there will be risks inherent to your activities and your members will need appropriate insurance.

When members seek their own individual insurance, they may find the cost prohibitive, which is why it makes sense for the overarching association to develop an insurance scheme that suits those activities.  There is no better way to drive membership growth than to offer an insurance scheme, with appropriate products at preferential pricing resulting from the economies of scale that having the numbers ensures.

How Ceneta can help


Many special interest groups find it difficult to get insurance at a reasonable price for their members. This is often because volume processing of large numbers of small premiums is an administrative burden for the insurer or broker.

Ceneta have online technology that allows our clients to self-serve the purchase of their insurance and annual renewals.  We build each of our association clients their own branded online portal, where their members can access their tailored insurance products.  This automation keeps costs down for Ceneta, resulting in more affordable premiums for your members.

Landcare Groups

One of the key things Landcare groups have asked for is cost effective insurance that provides adequate protection for group members. Ceneta have developed an insurance scheme in partnership with Landcare NSW so their members can access Public Liability & Volunteer Workers coverage PLUS Association Liability (if applicable).  If you are a NSW Landcare group, you can access the program here.

If you are a Landcare group in another state, please contact Ceneta via the link below.


AESA (Association of Eisteddfod Societies of Australia) is the peak body for Eisteddfod groups and festivals all over Australia, and assists members with meeting ever-changing corporate governance, copyright and insurance requirements.

In partnership with AESA, Ceneta have developed a tailored insurance scheme for their member performing arts groups.  The scheme offers AESA members specially tailored Public Liability and optional Volunteer Workers and Property products at preferential prices.  Eisteddfodau must join AESA to access the scheme.


Public Liability

Protects your group from third party personal injury or property damage claims, if the incident occurs in connection with your organisation.

Voluntary Workers

Covers your volunteers for medical costs, loss of earnings and other losses sustained if injured while working for your group.

Association Liability

Protects your organisation and its directors and voluntary workers for liabilities that arise out of the work of the organisation.

Business Packs

If your organisation has an office or owns property, you may want to cover those assets.